How To Deal With Regret

We may kick ourselves and regret an action we took right now. In the long run, though, we are more likely to regret not acting. It is all the missed opportunities that haunt us. Find purpose in life and get into action. It is never too late to start!

Your Life Is Directed By Chemicals

We get most of our happy moments from dopamine that is a short-term solution. You need to get more long lasting oxytocin into your life and that means caring for others and have others care for you. You don’t get that by spending your time on social media or watching TV.

You Are Wired To Socialize

We all need to feel we belong. Ignoring everyone to pursue your happiness will lead to the exact opposite. You can’t get your oxytocin flowing sitting home alone. So every now and then, get out and meet some real people.