Born in the Czech Republic, I started my career as a software developer, a nice comfortable job for a technically oriented introvert. Very quickly, because of my ability to communicate well in English and willingness to step up when required, I got to project and people management. To my surprise, a transformation happened. Within a span of a couple of years, I realized that even though I love technology and software development, I enjoy working with people even more. Here I was, an introvert, who hates the spotlight and big stages, who likes to work alone, and I was passionate about working with other people. What more, apparently, I was pretty good at it.

Since then I built, led, coached, and mentored teams in the Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Romania, Croatia, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Philippines, India, and the USA and the passion for meeting people from other cultures, helping them to grow and be successful never left me. I’m sure I did my share of mistakes, and I would like to apologize to all the people who suffered because of my inexperience as a manager and a leader, but I also had a positive impact on lives of hundreds of other people. Tapping into my strengths as an introvert, being able to listen, to guide, to approach things in a calm and non-threatening manner, to continually think about ways how to do things better made me who I’m today. An introverted engineering and operations leader passionate about setting up offices, building teams, growing people, solving challenging problems and sharing the experience with others.

Mission: I build teams, grow people and solve problems…

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  1. I don’t know where you get the time to write all the blogs but they do help a lot. Thank you for taking time to write them, and so consistently. Its strange to see there are no ads on this blog. Keep up the good work. And keep you books coming.

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