Tomas Kucera is a graduate of technical and business universities, former software developer, Symbian OS enthusiast (rest in peace), team lead, operations and project manager. These days, having passion not just for technology but also for working with people and helping them grow, he builds high-performance teams in a global organization, provides leadership, mentoring and coaching. He is a strong proponent of authentic and transparent leadership. Originally coming from the Czech Republic spent time traveling around the world and living in Australia and the Philippines.

Mission: I build teams, grow people and solve problems.

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One thought on “About

  1. Good morning Tomas,
    I really enjoyed your article, thank you. I have always agreed with your sentiment and have always done what was ‘not my job’ with a smile. In previous companies, I did get noticed for it and it had positive consequences. Now, however, I am in a division where all three of my teammates have seen this attitude of mine and now take total advantage it. They leave everything for me to do while they sit at their desks and surf the net. It has even reached a point where they sit at their desks and order me to do their work when I have a higher position than they do. I went to HR and they told me to tell these ladies that they are not my supervisors and that they must do the work themselves. I was hoping you would add something on that angle in your article and since you didn’t I was wondering if you would be interested in my point of view. My ‘I will do anything to keep my job’ attitude has been diminished by lazy, unproductive, cheeky teammates. Not only has it killed my morale but it also kills my confidence. How would you deal with a situation like that without losing your positive attitude?

    Thank you!



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