Non-Promotable Tasks And A Successful Career

Never say “it’s not my job.” However, if you consistently do things that are not part of your job, don’t bring you anything, and may cause you not to have time for more important tasks, then stop. It is no good for you or the organization in the long run if you spend your time on tasks from which everyone benefits except you, the person doing the actual work.

You Work In The Business Of One

When having a job interview, look at it from the perspective of two adults with equal rights and needs who are talking business. If you keep the conversation focused on the needs of your potential employer, you are halfway there.

6 Traps Of The First 100 Days In A New Job

Don’t get caught in some of the most frequent pitfalls like doing things the way you have always done, not listening, trying to take action too quickly without understanding the environment, learning the wrong things, setting unrealistic expectations, or trying to do too many things in parallel. A thoughtful, well-planned approach will pay dividends.

15 Things You Should Do When Starting In A New Job

Starting a new job often brings a mix of excitement and anxiety. Take a proactive approach and prepare well, clarify expectations with your boss, understand how success will look like, learn fast and methodically, build relationships and alliances, build trust and credibility by going for early wins, keep calm and composed, help others through the change, and have a risk mitigation plan.