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  • Business Is Not About Heroes And Villains

    Don’t get seduced by the worship of personality. It is a mistake to latch on only one person, and say that they are the reason behind the success. You may miss all the other factors that played a role and learn the wrong lessons.

  • Culture Is Not Created By What You Preach, But What You Tolerate

    Leadership takes effort. When you abdicate your leadership responsibility, you may end up with a myriad of policies and processes that no one understands and follows. Stop solving your people’s problems by creating more and more processes, policies, and reports. Focus on providing leadership and support instead.

  • How To Stop Procrastinating

    With proper routines and habits, you will stop procrastination and become addicted to getting things done. You will be addicted to the good feeling of achieving what you set to achieve.

  • Why You Are Bad At Spotting Liars

    How do you know whether someone lies to you? You don’t. And that is okay. Use the truth-default setting that nature programmed you with and learn to trust people. It will help you build stronger relationships.

  • Historical Take On Cultural Differences

    When you work with people from cultural background, go slow, listen, ask questions, make no assumptions, and try hard to understand. You may realize that your ways would lead to disaster. Having the humility and mental flexibility to see the world through the eyes of others and adjusting your behavior accordingly is the skill you want to cultivate.

  • Stop Hiring For Cultural Fit, Do This Instead

    Instead of hiring those similar to you, hire those whose values align with the company’s values, regardless of their cultural and educational background and lifestyle choices. When values drive your interview process, you still hire the right people, but they won’t be all the same.

  • The Hidden Costs Of Employee Turnover

    When you play with the numbers, you may discover that a replacement of a skilled employee can cost you between 1.5 to 2 times their annual salary, or even more.

  • Using The Arts To Recharge

    Relaxing doesn’t necessarily recharge your energy. Whether you want to relax is a personal choice. Recharging is about activities that fill you with energy. Being able to recharge is not a choice. You have to learn to do it if you want to accomplish anything.

  • How To Develop Good Judgment

    With solid critical thinking, you won’t be at the mercy of those trying to take advantage of you. You won’t accept what you hear or read blindly. You will have your life under your control.

  • Passion Is The Key To Happiness, Or Is It?

    Obsessive passion leads to conflict between work and other life activities. It doesn’t lead to satisfaction. It leads to burnout. On the other hand, harmonious passion leads to work satisfaction, which is an excellent antidote to burnout.