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  • Zoom Fatigue Is Real And What To Do About It

    Video calls can create a feeling of belonging, but they are also a significant drain on your cognitive abilities and lead to stress. Learn to switch the camera off every now and then, and don’t enforce video on from those who are not comfortable with it.

  • The Art And Science Of Perfect Timing

    You can increase your chances of getting through evaluations based on subjective criteria by merely showing up at the right time. If you evaluate others, understanding what’s going on in your brain will improve your chance of being fair and pick those who are genuinely the best, not those who showed up at the right time.

  • How Money Destroyed Humanity

    The key to sustainable living is gratitude, appreciation, collaboration, and reciprocity. Once you switch your mindset and you start appreciating and sharing, you become part of a world where even though the resources are finite, there is enough for everyone.

  • The Future Of Workplace Is Hybrid

    The remote work is here to stay and it requires such a significant change in the way we manage work and lead people that very few companies can do it truly well. The hybrid model, though challenging in itself, is a good intermediate step that will allow companies, managers, and workers to adjust step by step.

  • How To Persuade Others In The Post-Factual World

    Each of us is most easily persuaded by ourselves. Listen first. Don’t overwhelm others with data. When you speak, ask lots of questions. Provide trustworthy information, and that means introducing nuance and explain that not everything is rosy.

  • Owls, Larks, And Productivity

    Learn to recognize what time of the day works for what type of activity for you specifically, and then schedule your day accordingly. Get to bed and wake up at the regular time as much as possible. Routine aligned with your circadian rhythms will work miracles for your productivity.

  • Good Old Days Were The Worst

    Use critical thinking, actively search for information from credible sources, listen to opinions different from yours, and focus on the future rather than on the past. Remember, the past was the worst.

  • Real Leaders Stand Up To Bullies In Management

    Standing up to bullies is a risky proposition. However, that doesn’t change the fact that standing up to bullies is a moral responsibility of every leader and, in fact, of every decent human being. In the end, life is too short to spend it around jerks and bullies.

  • Why To Take A Nap At Work

    Take a break. A short, ten to twenty minutes nap followed by face-washing and sitting in a brightly light room with a cup of coffee works the best.

  • Business Is Not About Heroes And Villains

    Don’t get seduced by the worship of personality. It is a mistake to latch on only one person, and say that they are the reason behind the success. You may miss all the other factors that played a role and learn the wrong lessons.