How To Lead In The VUCA World

To lead others in the VUCA world, you need to understand the context and the consequences of your actions and inactions, anticipate potential issues and accept that some things are unknown or not under your control, prepare for alternative outcomes and watch out for yet unknown opportunities.

13 Things To Remember In A Hybrid Workplace

Hybrid work is challenging as it requires extra thought and effort to make sure everyone feels included and engaged regardless of their role or location. You need to be very intentional in the way you communicate. Frequent and transparent communication is more important than ever before.

How To Design A Hybrid Workplace

Remote and hybrid work feels like nirvana, but since it is being enabled and often driven by technology it may easily lead to even less humanity in work. To design the hybrid workplace model focus on: place and time; tasks and productivity; culture and workflows; individual employee preferences; inclusion, fairness, and belonging.

5 Types Of Distance In A Hybrid Workplace

When building a hybrid workplace, consider the various aspects of distance. It is not only the geographical distance that makes things tricky but also the temporal, perceived, and socio-cultural distance and the team’s configuration. A successful team is the one that can bridge these distances and allow everyone to feel they belong.

8 Tips On How To Manage A Hybrid Team

Running a hybrid organization is more demanding and requires a more thoughtful approach than when everyone is in the office. Things need to be better planned and better communicated. This additional effort is not wasted as it leads to better results. Give enough attention to everyone regardless of location so they feel they truly belong.

The Future Of Workplace Is Hybrid

The remote work is here to stay and it requires such a significant change in the way we manage work and lead people that very few companies can do it truly well. The hybrid model, though challenging in itself, is a good intermediate step that will allow companies, managers, and workers to adjust step by step.