Relativity Of The World And Why We Hate Losing Money

When transferring ownership, the value of my gain differs from that of your loss. It is not about the actual utility value of the item but about our emotions connected to it. Consider this the next time you negotiate. It may give you a more realistic idea about the true value of the thing you are selling or buying and may lead to a better agreement.

How Much Money Is Enough?

The “money can’t buy you happiness” quote is valid only if you spend your money wrong. If you purchase luxuries and generally any goods you consume or that just sit in your house, you won’t buy happiness.

How Money Destroyed Humanity

The key to sustainable living is gratitude, appreciation, collaboration, and reciprocity. Once you switch your mindset and you start appreciating and sharing, you become part of a world where even though the resources are finite, there is enough for everyone.