8 Things To Avoid When Leading A New Team

Stepping in to lead a new team can be overwhelming. Be humble and open-minded. People rarely do something without reason, so before you criticize something, make sure you understand the reason why it is happening. By listening first and being respectful to your new team you will earn their respect in return.

How To Design A Hybrid Workplace

Remote and hybrid work feels like nirvana, but since it is being enabled and often driven by technology it may easily lead to even less humanity in work. To design the hybrid workplace model focus on: place and time; tasks and productivity; culture and workflows; individual employee preferences; inclusion, fairness, and belonging.

8 Tips On How To Manage A Hybrid Team

Running a hybrid organization is more demanding and requires a more thoughtful approach than when everyone is in the office. Things need to be better planned and better communicated. This additional effort is not wasted as it leads to better results. Give enough attention to everyone regardless of location so they feel they truly belong.