15 Things You Should Do When Starting In A New Job

Starting a new job often brings a mix of excitement and anxiety. Take a proactive approach and prepare well, clarify expectations with your boss, understand how success will look like, learn fast and methodically, build relationships and alliances, build trust and credibility by going for early wins, keep calm and composed, help others through the change, and have a risk mitigation plan.

How To Lead In The VUCA World

To lead others in the VUCA world, you need to understand the context and the consequences of your actions and inactions, anticipate potential issues and accept that some things are unknown or not under your control, prepare for alternative outcomes and watch out for yet unknown opportunities.

13 Things To Remember In A Hybrid Workplace

Hybrid work is challenging as it requires extra thought and effort to make sure everyone feels included and engaged regardless of their role or location. You need to be very intentional in the way you communicate. Frequent and transparent communication is more important than ever before.