How To Have More Women In Leadership Roles

The hurdles women face when trying to climb the career ladder are real. They have to fight many biases that hold them back. When building your performance management system and promotion criteria, stop relying on “future potential” as a reliable metric, or at least try to make it as objective as possible.

8 Things To Avoid When Leading A New Team

Stepping in to lead a new team can be overwhelming. Be humble and open-minded. People rarely do something without reason, so before you criticize something, make sure you understand the reason why it is happening. By listening first and being respectful to your new team you will earn their respect in return.

6 Traps Of The First 100 Days In A New Job

Don’t get caught in some of the most frequent pitfalls like doing things the way you have always done, not listening, trying to take action too quickly without understanding the environment, learning the wrong things, setting unrealistic expectations, or trying to do too many things in parallel. A thoughtful, well-planned approach will pay dividends.

Lead With Ruthless Compassion Instead Of Anger

When leading with compassion, you do what is right regardless of what people may think of you. You stand up for the truth rather than trying to please everyone. You are compassionate and kind, yet you maintain high expectations. You support others rather than punish them. You do what is necessary rather than what is easy.