To Be Wildly Successful Do This One Thing

Not asking for help often leads to not offering it either. You are too busy with your stuff to be bothered to help others. You don’t build relationships, you get disconnected from others, unable to get things done effectively, and no one cares about you and your success. When you ask for help, others will get invested in your success.

Why Silence Is Golden And Speech Only Silver

When you don’t feel the urge to fill any empty space with noise, you become more attentive to your surroundings and yourself. When you speak, be informative, truthful, relevant, clear, and fair in taking turns. Only then will you have a meaningful and helpful conversation with those around you.

You Are Wired To Socialize

We all need to feel we belong. Ignoring everyone to pursue your happiness will lead to the exact opposite. You can’t get your oxytocin flowing sitting home alone. So every now and then, get out and meet some real people.

Why You Are Wrong About Introverts And Working From Home

If you are an introvert who didn’t do that well during the pandemic, learn from the experience and do something about it. Get off social media, change the narrative about how you feel, have a routine, be social and show up when you have the opportunity, exercise regularly, talk to your friends and family as often as you can, and get help when you feel you are losing it.

Being A Little Weird Is Good For You

There is no such thing as being normal. We are all different in some way. Normal is not a question of biology and genes. It is a question of social agreement, environment, and context. You can try to hide and change your weirdness, or you can embrace it.

Using The Arts To Recharge

Relaxing doesn’t necessarily recharge your energy. Whether you want to relax is a personal choice. Recharging is about activities that fill you with energy. Being able to recharge is not a choice. You have to learn to do it if you want to accomplish anything.