How To Have More Women In Leadership Roles

The hurdles women face when trying to climb the career ladder are real. They have to fight many biases that hold them back. When building your performance management system and promotion criteria, stop relying on “future potential” as a reliable metric, or at least try to make it as objective as possible.

Being A Little Weird Is Good For You

There is no such thing as being normal. We are all different in some way. Normal is not a question of biology and genes. It is a question of social agreement, environment, and context. You can try to hide and change your weirdness, or you can embrace it.

Stop Hiring For Cultural Fit, Do This Instead

Instead of hiring those similar to you, hire those whose values align with the company’s values, regardless of their cultural and educational background and lifestyle choices. When values drive your interview process, you still hire the right people, but they won’t be all the same.

How To Hire A More Diverse Team

To build more diversity into the organization, design the recruitment process in a way that mitigates unconscious biases. You will create a more equitable hiring practice, give everyone a fair chance, and ultimately build a more diverse organization.