I’m an introverted engineering and operations leader passionate about setting up offices, building teams, growing people, solving challenging problems and sharing the experience with others. The need to share and encourage other introverts to become leaders is what led me to start writing a book to answer a simple question:

How can introverts succeed in the corporate world, have great careers, happy lives, and become great leaders?

The source for the book is the research of psychologists and sociologists, the works of others who came before me, my own experiences, stories of other successful introverts I met, and various surveys.

I’m gathering material, and I would love to hear from you! If you are an introvert, who has a successful career and/or who moved to a leadership role, I would like to ask you to share your experience with me. I prepared a couple of short survey’s that will make it easy for you (use whichever is close to your heart).


Thank you for the interest. Unfortunately, the surveys are already closed and no longer accepting responses.


Strengths of successful introverts (What strengths introverts have that can help them be successful?)

Blueprint of a successful career (What is required for a successful career?)

Strategies for introverted leaders (As an introverted leader what strategies do you use to lead and manage others effectively?)

Note: This is an informal survey, not a scientifically validated tool. The questions are based on the recent understanding of what introversion is and on what leadership qualities yield the best results.

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